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Advanced Kidney Failure

For those of you who don’t know, I own 2 Beagles, a mother-son (yes, they’re related) duo called Elsie and Harry. Both of them are hella mischievous but I love them with all my heart.

This is Elsie, my bug-eyed sweetheart and also my very first dog.

Since Chinese New Year rolled around, Elsie became very picky and would only eat wet food, like the kind pet shops sell in cans and aluminium trays, and she was also slightly lethargic but we figured that it was just her bring her usual lazy self.

We recently brought her to the vet because we suspected that she could have a toothache or a problem with her gums. After some checks and a blood test, our very dedicated vet told us that Elsie has advanced kidney failure so she’s been hospitalised and put on a drip since Sunday.

Visited her at the vet the second day she was there. Still a cutie!

Part of me feels incredibly guilty for not bringing her to the vet sooner but another part of me is just glad that she’s receiving the treatment and care she needs. At the same time, I’m worried that she won’t respond well to treatment and will leave me prematurely. We’ve only been together for 3 years and that’s definitely not enough.

Thanks to these wild, wild thoughts, I cried myself to sleep on the first night she was in the hospital and my anxiety pretty much sky rocketed 💔

Elsie’s a trooper but the thought of her having to go through all these just breaks my heart.

Harry, on the other hand, isn’t as cheerful or as energetic as he used to be and we suspect that it’s because he misses Elsie. He’s never been away from his mother (not that he realises that they’re related) for longer than a day and that was when Elsie went to get sterilised.

After I got back from the vet and my MRI (that’s a story for another day) on Monday, Harry kept chasing me around the house. He wanted to stick his little nose in my clothes because they smelled very strongly of Elsie.

He’s been whining a lot lately too. Probably because Elsie isn’t around to accompany him 24/7. Poor boy.

I’ve decided to do everything in my power to treat Elsie. Anything goes as long as she gets better but clearly, my mother and I don’t share the same sentiments.

Mother: 如果没有钱就没办法救Elsie咯!

I snapped because I’ve made my stance clear to her multiple times but for some reason, she still feels the need to tell me such things. And it’s odd because I’m sure that she loves and cares for Elsie the same way as I do so why are you saying this?!

Evidently, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now and I’m trying my hardest to compartmentalise but damn, this woman seems hell bent on NOT giving me the break I need.

My Week In Outfits

I was just looking through my closet the other day and I realised that lately, I haven’t really bothered with dressing up to work which then means that a lot of the clothes in my (very full) wardrobe end up unloved since I spend 5 days out of the week in the office.

So I figured, why not dress a little better to work and try wearing some of the stuff I don’t usually touch and try to think of new ways to style these pieces at the same time? Win-win!

This idea only came to me on Tuesday. Hence, the missing Monday outfit and I’m really not that hardworking to purposely dig out what I wore on Monday, put them on, and snap a photo of myself in it. I’m the laziest person I know.


Top: Taobao
Shorts: Taobao

Lips: Colourpop Lux Lip in Lay Over

Lay Over is fast becoming my new go-to lipstick. I keep it in my little fish-shaped drawstring pouch I got from Daiso and I realised that it’s what I reach for the most recently.

And I’ve been really loving tops with such contrast piping details lately. They remind me so much of those silk pyjama tops that rich people in Taiwanese dramas tend to wear 😂

I’m not rich but at least, I can pretend to be hahaha.


Top: Uniqlo
Culottes: Runway Bandits

Necklace: The Ordinary Co.

I don’t recommend getting anything from this company because the quality is absymal. Yes, it is a homegrown label and I really want to support local but god, the quality… This particular necklace snapped the first time I put it on and I didn’t even do anything to it.

The other earrings I ordered were either tarnished or rusty. The only items I could salvage were this necklace and another one. Everything else was just disappointing. And I was so excited to receive my items too!

Although these culottes look thin, they are not. There’s a silk-like polyester lining underneath the pleated chiffon layer and my god, it was a terrible choice for hot weather.

Shoes: Novesta

I ended up tying my culottes up like this after I got back to the office from lunch. Is this the price I have to pay for starting on this mini challenge?


Top: Runway Bandits
Culottes: I don’t fucking remember but I wear it all the time

Naturally, I paired this outfit with my Novesta sneakers. I love them to death and I’m already planning to get a second pair once the soles of this first pair wear out.

Earrings: Taobao
Necklace: Swarovski

I’m not actually wearing any lipstick here even though there’s this whole Korean style lip ombre thing going on. It is the magic of a mobile app I use and I love called Pitu. I’ll share more about it soon!


Top: Aland in Seoul
Skorts: Vintage
Vest: Taobao

I’m the sort of person who likes trying out different mascaras and apart from brow pencil, mascara is the other beauty product that I can’t live without.

Here, I’m using the Maybelline Rocket mascara which used to be the mascara I’d opt for when I’ve run out of it and when no other mascaras has caught my eye but now, I don’t think I’ll go back to it anymore.

I suspect they changed the formula because man, this shit flakes off like no other! Usually my mascaras last the entire day but this is always almost all gone the minute I get home.

It doesn’t provide me with much extra length or volume either so honestly, all I’m doing now is to try to use it up so I can get my $19.90 worth.

If anyone has any affordabl drugstore mascaras to recommend, please let this mascara junkie know!

Bangkok Day 3: Part 2

Guess where Joel brought me after my mini shopping spree at Matchbox and Eve&Boy?

The museum. He took me to the MUSEUM! 😑😒

Technically, it is called the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre, not a museum but for convenience, I’m gonna refer to it as a museum. So yeah, I typically really enjoy visiting museums but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of people, Singaporeans in particular, going to the museum while they’re in Bangkok on a quick weekend trip.

It’s connected to Siam Paragon so if you’re interested, that should make locating it quite easy.

The place was littered with murals and artworks of their late king. It was rather heartwarming to see that the Thais loved and adored him so much. He must have been a great man.

This floor was filled with gift shops, independent lifestyle stores, fashion stores, and even a gelato shop! We didn’t get gelato though, despite the fact that I really, really, really needed to sit down, thanks to my bad back, because we were saving our stomachs for something else.

The next floor was filled with works from up-and-coming Thai artists and truth be told, it was terribly curated and the space wasn’t effectively utilised. This neon light piece was one of the better works.

I secretly wanted to leave because I thought that the higher floors also housed works of such calibre. Joel, who trained in fine arts, also said that the works were disappointing.

At least there was a rather interesting live painting space going on. This artist was creating works in person to fill up her space and at the same time, this entire live painting process was also a form of performance art.

Me: Quite interesting ah?
Joel: Okay lah. She’s wasting a lot of paint.

😒 Of all people, I’d thought that he’d be the one who’d be able to appreciate this the most. Cheh!

The higher floors had much better works but because they are all very conceptual and contemporary, all I could do was just stand there and TRY TO appreciate the beauty of the works.

Sorry, but 我真的看不懂! Also, we were the only people there who were in slippers hahahaha. Really 丢新加坡的脸!

But this last one was interesting! The screen changes and warps while the speakers played a Thai monologue. The spot where Joel is standing is the prime location hahaha. Slowly, all you’d be able to hear is the monologue and all you’d be able to see is the changing image on the screen.

I was actually a little mindfucked hahaha.

We window shopped a little more and chanced upon this cramped little store outside Siam Square One called Peylaa (yes, two A’s). It is apparently a homegrown lifestyle brand that sells plenty of homeware, like reed diffusers, scent bags, candles, and other knick knacks like tote bags, hand creams, and scarves.

Photo from Peylaa’s Instagram.

They can be found at Siam Square Soi 11 and Chatuchak Market. More information can be found on their Instagram/Facebook page.

I got one of their many reed diffusers in the scent Baby Cloud. The 100ml one is supposed to last for about 2-3 days while their smaller ones will last for a month.

So far, I really like it! It has this light, clean, and powdery smell that I like but which Joel said smells like a hospital 😒 这家伙不被骂不行!

It was a bit overwhelming at first for my very small room but it dissipated within 4 days and it was okay after that. This might just be one of my best buys from this trip!

After that my towkay wanted to eat his Shibuya Honey Toast at After You so okay lor… off we went! He’s been craving it since February or March when we first brought this trip up hahaha.

We went at some odd timing, like 5pm or so, so there weren’t a lot of people there and we only had to wait for about 5-10 minutes before we got a table.

Got this Thai Milk Tea Kakigori thingamajic which was essentially just shaved ice with powdered Thai milk tea, frothy cream, and cut almonds.


I felt very cheated because all the food blogs I read were praising this to no end, like it was God’s greatest gift to mankind. Pui. Waste my stomach space.

But at least somebody had a good time and left satisfied!

Dinner at Somboon happened shortly after and wow, I have no words for the food here, particularly this outlet at Siam Square One.

In short, it was fucking bad. Any tzechar stall in Singapore that sells chilli crab can easily top what Somboon served us.

The waiters and waitresses also looked like they were forced to be there. No amount of smiling at them or joking with them cheered them up. Believe me, we tried.

We got their signature curry crab and opted to have it deshelled but I really think that it should have been named “moderately fresh crab drowned in oily orange gravy” instead 😒

This put me in such a bad mood. I can’t… I don’t want to talk about it anymore lol.

If I had to pick the best dish out of everything that we ordered at Somboon that night, it would have been this but even then, it still sucked. I might as well have been chewing on raw and uncooked vegetables dipped in gravy. Tsk!

Everything else was just terrible so there’s really no point in me continuing talking about Somboon hahaha.

Ending off this post with a happy photo of us despite what we endured at Somboon!

If you can’t already tell, we were really looking forward to going home cos really lah, no matter how much I love a country and its food, I can safely say that nothing beats home and Singapore food!

Bangkok Day 3: Part 1

Sunday – our last full day in Bangkok and we were very determined to fully utilise the day but ahem, I woke up at around 12ish again so we ended up having a late lunch for the second day in a row.

I requested that we eat at White Flower Factory, a restaurant in Siam Square One that specialises in Thai fusion cuisine. I was blown away by how amazing the food was when I went there a few years ago and since then, I’ve made a mental note to visit it again.

Typical rustic interior but with fresh white flowers scattered all around the restaurant.

We only got there at around 2ish so we didn’t have to wait for a table at all. The place was filled with mostly locals and I think we might have been the only Singaporeans there?

We both got their Thai Iced Milk Tea because we haven’t had any so far – can you believe it? Three days in Bangkok and we haven’t had a sip of the country’s signature drink. Smh.

It was good though but a bit too little for thirsty me.

Wheeee! My favourite! Their signature Tom Yum Soup with Chinese Herbs. You can pick what sort of meat you want in the soup, chicken, beef, or pork. We picked pork and kinda regretted it because it was all tendon and cartilage, and there was very little meat.

Sadly, it wasn’t as great as it used to be. I remember it being very spicy and how the taste of Chinese herbs went surprisingly well with the slight tangy flavour of the soup.

This time, it was more sour than spicy. The taste of tomatoes was quite strong and I could barely taste the Chinese herbs which I thought was a unique addition to your typical tomyum soup and the whole reason why I even ordered it in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still good! Just not as good as it was before. Joel thought the same and I asked him if he’d think that the soup was good if this was his first time trying anything from this restaurant. He said yes and I agree!

Also, our first time having Basil Chicken Rice after spending 2 days in Bangkok. I know we’re damn noob.

I didn’t have very high expectations for this dish because of how disappointed the soup got me but this was really good!

Flavourful, and the basil complemented the salty gravy so, so well! It was hella spicy though so those of you who don’t take spicy food, please take note.

Joel also got the same thing and evidently, he was very pleased with the quality of his food. Somemore so excited about lunch until he forgot to put his bag down hahahaha.

White Flower Factory
Siam Square One, 4th floor

Nearest BTS: Siam

Open daily from 11am to 10pm

And the shopping begins! I feel like I really do have a substantial amount of self-control for only going mad shopping on the last full day that we have.

Poor Joel, he had to follow me everywhere I went and help me carry my shopping bags. It didn’t help that he looked very bored, especially when I was buying makeup hahaha.

I even made a very long list of things I wanna buy from Eve&Boy and sent it to Joel before we flew to Bangkok with the caption “good luck”, to which he replied, “Oh no!” 😂

Photo from Google.

This pink store caught my eye as Joel and I were strolling along the little streets and alleys next to Siam Square One. It turned out to be a multi-label fashion store and it was filled with locals – the girls were shopping inside while their boyfriends were seated outside the store, waiting for them.

I got this simple pleated dress which was about SGD$24. I know it’s not cheap by Bangkok’s standards but I’m the sort of person who prefers to buy decent/good quality clothes than cheap ones that don’t last.

The fabric of this dress is very soft, smooth, and drapey which I really like. Initially, I didn’t like how it was so thin but then I realised that it was perfect for Bangkok/Singapore weather. I’ve since worn it out and got some compliments so yes, $24 well-spent hahaha.

422/11, Siam Square Soi 8

Nearest BTS: Siam

Open daily from 12pm to 9pm

After I bought it, Joel kept saying “so now you into pleats ah? Pleats please ah?” 🙄 he says that everytime I buy something pleated and he’ll start giggling to himself afterwards because of Issey Miyake’s pleats line called Pleats Please and he’s very amused by how punny it is.

Makes me wanna smash his face in and turn it into pleats instead.

Later, I dragged Joel to Eve&Boy (the Thai version of Sephora) at Siam Square One and I gave him multiple missions: Find Soap&Glory, Mad Hippie, Alteya Organics, Mamonde, CosRX. He has such a keen eye and managed to find me everything but Soap&Glory which was oddly, only available in Boots even though my research said otherwise.

In the end, I managed to snag the Soap&Glory Glow All Out highlighter, Babyish Hyaluron Moisturising Mask, Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning lip balm, Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water toner, and the Srichand Transclucent Powder.

All these, except for the Burt’s Bees lip balm, were all items that got pretty good reviews online so I decided to get them to try it out. I’ll definitely share more soon once I’ve gotten around to using them! Can’t wait hehehe!

This post is getting a little too long-winded so I’m gonna split it up into two parts!

Bangkok Day 2

Saturday saw us exploring the Thong Lor neighbourhood the minute we alighted from our Grab and stepped foot in The Commons. Our day started late because we didn’t set an alarm the night before. We’re the sort of tourists who prefer to take it easy. OTOT (own time own target), yknow?

Joel woke me up at around 12pm because he knew I slept late the night before and that I was still tired. We’ve been together for almost 6 years and I still feel happy whenever I get to wake up to his cheeky, smiling face. Sometimes I wonder what could I have possibly done in my past life to deserve someone so amazing, albeit a little weird, in my life hahaha.

I know he reads my WordPress so hello Jo! I’m sucking up to you. Please love me more HAHAHA.

Roast was still as good as ever, in my opinion. And naturally, the first dishes I’d look for when I flip through cafe menus are pasta dishes because I. Love. Carbs. If you wanna make me happy, just buy me aglio olio, fried rice, or banmian. I’m easily satisfied like that hahaha.

The interior is just like any other cafe that’s going for the raw and minimal look. There were more foreigners there than locals but I think that’s partially due to how pricey it can get? But aiya, what do I know about Bangkok’s cafe culture?

Also, I swear Roast didn’t use to look like that. Neither did The Commons! Did they undergo a renovation or something?!

Joel got their salted caramel shake. This guy here is a sucker for milkshakes! I’ve never met a guy who liked milkshakes this much. So much so that I’m already planning to buy a hand blender in the future so I can make him milkshakes whenever he wants hahaha.

The salted caramel shake wasn’t as thick or as jelat as we thought it’d be so it complemented his burger really well. The balance of salty and sweet was great and it made me regret not ordering this!

Nothing to see here! Just a cup of coffee served in a mason jar. I can’t tell you if it’s any good because I’m no coffee connoisseur but I like it!

This is the Johnny’s Burger that Joel ordered which he didn’t like. According to my “food connoisseur” of a boyfriend who’s constantly on the hunt for the best burger he can get his hands on, this wasn’t great. The patty was well-cooked but the flavours of the sauce, carmelised onions, cheese, and what not were all too overwhelming.

He was schooling me on burgers and saying that the star of the show should always, always be the patty which wasn’t the case for this burger. Once he finished his patty, he started smiling and said, “Ooh! It’s so much better now without the patty. So good!”

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at his intense passion towards burgers 😂

My risotto on the other hand, was perfectly cooked and was neither overcooked or undercooked. But it was extremely flavourful, to the point that I had trouble finishing everything despite it being a plate of carbs. Everything from the risotto itself to the squid, to the mussels all kinda tasted the same about halfway through. The seafood was extremely fresh though, gotta give it to them!

We left The Commons almost immediately after we were done with our meal because Joel wanted to visit some record stores around the hour. We walked for a good half hour before we realised that the first one, Bungkum House, was nothing but concrete. We walked for another half an hour before getting to the other store and found out that it was closed.

Joel was so disappointed. So poor thing hahaha. But oh well, not fated lah.

My back started to hurt so Joel suggested that we pop by Seven Suns, a quaint little place that sells delicious tea made from scratch. I almost didn’t enter but I’m so glad I did because their tea is SO GOOD, it made up for the walking we did. It also helps that their lady boss looks a lot like Cecilia Chung (张柏芝) lah hahaha.

I wanted something light so I got their Black Rose & Lychee tea while Joel got the Peach don’t know what Dragon don’t know what tea (shitty blogger alert), even though they’re more known for their award-winning matcha lattes.

Joel only ordered his drink because the name had the word “dragon” in it 😑 I am dating a child…

Once we ordered, the lady boss popped out of the cafe for a bit and came back with freshly picked rose buds to decorate my tea with. Joel’s had a stick of cinnamon in it! It was easily the best tea I’ve had in my life and I swear I am not exaggerating.

Seven Suns
Park Lane
Sukhumvit 61, Wattana

Nearest BTS: Ekkamai

Open daily from 10am to 8pm

I know I look sleepy as fuck here and my arms look creepily long but I was probably secretly thinking about sneaking into their back garden to have a look hehehe. See those planters hanging from the wall? That’s part of their back garden!

Walked a bit more because Joel wanted to go to this boutique called Roseman Club to have a look. If it weren’t for the stunning decor, I would have said that the trip there was a waste of time because everything was ridiculously overpriced (think SGD$100-$200 for a wide-brimmed hat). The things they sell reminded me very strongly of the movie, Kingsman.

But I guess they HAVE to price their items that high because come on lah, they have a freaking fountain outside their store. It’s like I was magically transported to London or something.

I do really like the way they laid all their products out though. It’s like an organised mess.
Visual merchandising: A+

Roseman Club
68/2  Sukhumvit 31 Yaek 4 (Soi Sawatdi)
Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong

Open daily from 11am to 9pm

Afterwards, we went to the JJ Green Night Market. I was half hoping to buy more things there but I only left with a phone case for my new old iPhone 7+ that my mother used to use.

Case in point (pun completely intended).

And yes, I’m doing a mask right now. Gotta make ample use of time yknow?

Halfway through searching the entire night market for a certain stall that apparently sells amazing tomyum noodles, we gave up because we were too hungry and settled for this in the end.

Didn’t even bother remembering anything about this bowl of tomyum noodles because it was so bad. Nissin tomyum cup noodles are even better than this. Really.

Joel and I rushed through our meal because the entire JJ Green Night Market was covered with flies! COVERED. It was like they were all having some huge scale fly version of ZoukOut and humans decided to set up a night market there and intruded on them.

Flies flew into both of my eyes on two separate occasions despite the fact that I was swatting them away with my hands like I was trying to fly. Joel didn’t even dare to talk because he was afraid that they’d fly into his mouth HAHAHA.

At least he managed to walk away with this! A vintage radio cum cassette player that was restored and in nearly pristine condition! The sound quality was great and the store owner threw in a free cassette tape for Joel, partially because this beauty earned the guy 2200 THB (SGD$93).

I really do think that it was worth it though! It’s not easy trying to find something like this in such amazing condition and at less than $100 too!

If anybody’s interested, the store is located in Zone J of JJ Green Night Market. The owner’s a bald guy with a goatee and moustache 😂

Bangkok Day 1

I just got back from a short weekend trip to Bangkok with Joel. Considering how tired and sick of life I’ve been lately, I’d say that this trip was long overdue and waaaayyy too short too; probably because we flew off on Friday afternoon after popping by ICA the moment it opened its doors to collect my passport. My details weren’t even in the system when we got to the airport and they had to manually update it. The officers joked that I travelled faster than the system updates itself 😂

We spent at least an hour stuck at the immigration area at the airport in Bangkok after we got off the plane. The queues were so long and so many people were cutting in line left, right, and centre.

I joked that I wore my 相当暴躁 (relatively short-tempered) T-shirt at the right time because a lot of the PRCs took one quick look at it and seemed like they thought twice about cutting infront of me. My dad said that this T-shirt doesn’t suit me because I’m 非常暴躁 instead of just 相当 hahaha 😒

Ya, watch out! Don’t mess with the short-tempered lady!!!

We only reached our hotel at close to 6pm, no thanks to Bangkok’s infamously bad traffic. This time, Joel and I stayed at the NAP Hotel which is of walking distance to Pratunam – not that it matters because we took Grab whenever we wanted to go anywhere.

This was what greeted us the minute we got out of the car. The foyer also doubles as a smoking area since the rest of the hotel is a non-smoking zone.

The lounge area, complete with an egg-shaped swing that I never got the chance to sit on.

There’s a little mini bar by the wall that sells about 3 different brands of Thai craft beer which is a really nice touch. But if you want them, you gotta buy them before 12mn because they don’t have the license to sell them after that time. Joel promised that we’d buy a bottle or two to try but we both forgot about it 😦

Our room! Very cosy and clean! Joel and I were discussing if the master bedroom in our future apartment will be as big as our hotel room. But knowing how tiny recent BTOs are, it’s unlikely that it’ll be bigger than this lol.

If you’re not picky about location, I think NAP Hotel is a good, cosy, and affordable place to stay at in Bangkok that’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But if I die die had to mention something I dislike about our room, it’d be that the water pressure of the shower was very, very weak.

The alleys that lead to the hotel may be poorly lit but if you’re gonna be Grabbing everywhere like us, that shouldn’t be a problem. They also have buggy services that will take you to the nearest BTS and other locations as well.

There’s hardly any traffic around and it’s pretty much surrounded by residential buildings which I really appreciate!

We made our way to the Rod Fai (Ratchada) Night Market after a short rest in our room. This is the famed train market but it’s the one nearer to the central Siam/Pratunam area while the original one is located near Chatuchak. Don’t worry, both are the authentic Rod Fai Night Market but at different locations!

I particularly like the Rod Fai Market because of how chill it is. We got there at around 8ish and surprisingly, it wasn’t as packed as I thought it’d be. There were also a lot of stalls selling vintage items and mass manufactured products alike so take your pick!

It was here where we had what both of us deemed the best meal we’ve had during this trip!

Chef Tui Ranger
Rod Fai Market (Ratchada)
Ratcadaphisek Road (close to Esplanade Shopping Mall)

Open from Thursday to Sunday

5pm to 12mn

Hello, pork ribs! Joel accidentally ordered a full rack of ribs but we still managed to clean our plates off, and that was on top of two small servings of mashed potatoes, two beef kebabs, two sticks of mushroom bacon, and two bottles of Pepsi.

The ribs were marinated and cooked perfectly while the meat slid off the bone easily. They provide you with a single plastic glove, a fork and a knife so you can eat the ribs like the animal that you are hahaha.

It was bloody delicious – easily the best pork ribs I’ve had – but I only had four pieces while Joel ate the rest. Once he found out how little I ate, he stared at his plate and said very seriously, “Oh my god, I’m a monster.” 😂

The mashed potatoes were great as well. They were so finely mashed and were so, so soft. Seasoned with just salt and pepper, it was light and fluffy, and went very well with the very flavourful ribs.

This was pretty damn fantastic as well. Joel prefers the beef kebab while I like the mushroom bacon more even though I hate bacon. I wasn’t very fond of the beef because of the amount of tendon and fats that accompanied it but I do like how it was perfectly cooked; not too tough, not too raw, just the way I like it!

Moderately funny story:

Me: What’s this green thing on the beef kebab ah?
Joel: Leek.
Me: You sure or not? It smells like bell pepper leh.
Joel: It’s leek! I ate one just now.
Me: Okay lor… (removes it from the stick and pops it in my mouth)

That almost killed my appetite. Almost.

I snagged these two tees at less than 200 THB (SGD $8.50) each! They are so comfortable! Really, really worth it.

I also got myself an oversized graphic tee because I’ve been really into pairing T-shirts with culottes or jeans lately. Joel picked this out for me! I love it when he does that hehehe.