Bangkok Day 1

I just got back from a short weekend trip to Bangkok with Joel. Considering how tired and sick of life I’ve been lately, I’d say that this trip was long overdue and waaaayyy too short too; probably because we flew off on Friday afternoon after popping by ICA the moment it opened its doors to collect my passport. My details weren’t even in the system when we got to the airport and they had to manually update it. The officers joked that I travelled faster than the system updates itself 😂

We spent at least an hour stuck at the immigration area at the airport in Bangkok after we got off the plane. The queues were so long and so many people were cutting in line left, right, and centre.

I joked that I wore my 相当暴躁 (relatively short-tempered) T-shirt at the right time because a lot of the PRCs took one quick look at it and seemed like they thought twice about cutting infront of me. My dad said that this T-shirt doesn’t suit me because I’m 非常暴躁 instead of just 相当 hahaha 😒

Ya, watch out! Don’t mess with the short-tempered lady!!!

We only reached our hotel at close to 6pm, no thanks to Bangkok’s infamously bad traffic. This time, Joel and I stayed at the NAP Hotel which is of walking distance to Pratunam – not that it matters because we took Grab whenever we wanted to go anywhere.

This was what greeted us the minute we got out of the car. The foyer also doubles as a smoking area since the rest of the hotel is a non-smoking zone.

The lounge area, complete with an egg-shaped swing that I never got the chance to sit on.

There’s a little mini bar by the wall that sells about 3 different brands of Thai craft beer which is a really nice touch. But if you want them, you gotta buy them before 12mn because they don’t have the license to sell them after that time. Joel promised that we’d buy a bottle or two to try but we both forgot about it 😦

Our room! Very cosy and clean! Joel and I were discussing if the master bedroom in our future apartment will be as big as our hotel room. But knowing how tiny recent BTOs are, it’s unlikely that it’ll be bigger than this lol.

If you’re not picky about location, I think NAP Hotel is a good, cosy, and affordable place to stay at in Bangkok that’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city. But if I die die had to mention something I dislike about our room, it’d be that the water pressure of the shower was very, very weak.

The alleys that lead to the hotel may be poorly lit but if you’re gonna be Grabbing everywhere like us, that shouldn’t be a problem. They also have buggy services that will take you to the nearest BTS and other locations as well.

There’s hardly any traffic around and it’s pretty much surrounded by residential buildings which I really appreciate!

We made our way to the Rod Fai (Ratchada) Night Market after a short rest in our room. This is the famed train market but it’s the one nearer to the central Siam/Pratunam area while the original one is located near Chatuchak. Don’t worry, both are the authentic Rod Fai Night Market but at different locations!

I particularly like the Rod Fai Market because of how chill it is. We got there at around 8ish and surprisingly, it wasn’t as packed as I thought it’d be. There were also a lot of stalls selling vintage items and mass manufactured products alike so take your pick!

It was here where we had what both of us deemed the best meal we’ve had during this trip!

Chef Tui Ranger
Rod Fai Market (Ratchada)
Ratcadaphisek Road (close to Esplanade Shopping Mall)

Open from Thursday to Sunday

5pm to 12mn

Hello, pork ribs! Joel accidentally ordered a full rack of ribs but we still managed to clean our plates off, and that was on top of two small servings of mashed potatoes, two beef kebabs, two sticks of mushroom bacon, and two bottles of Pepsi.

The ribs were marinated and cooked perfectly while the meat slid off the bone easily. They provide you with a single plastic glove, a fork and a knife so you can eat the ribs like the animal that you are hahaha.

It was bloody delicious – easily the best pork ribs I’ve had – but I only had four pieces while Joel ate the rest. Once he found out how little I ate, he stared at his plate and said very seriously, “Oh my god, I’m a monster.” 😂

The mashed potatoes were great as well. They were so finely mashed and were so, so soft. Seasoned with just salt and pepper, it was light and fluffy, and went very well with the very flavourful ribs.

This was pretty damn fantastic as well. Joel prefers the beef kebab while I like the mushroom bacon more even though I hate bacon. I wasn’t very fond of the beef because of the amount of tendon and fats that accompanied it but I do like how it was perfectly cooked; not too tough, not too raw, just the way I like it!

Moderately funny story:

Me: What’s this green thing on the beef kebab ah?
Joel: Leek.
Me: You sure or not? It smells like bell pepper leh.
Joel: It’s leek! I ate one just now.
Me: Okay lor… (removes it from the stick and pops it in my mouth)

That almost killed my appetite. Almost.

I snagged these two tees at less than 200 THB (SGD $8.50) each! They are so comfortable! Really, really worth it.

I also got myself an oversized graphic tee because I’ve been really into pairing T-shirts with culottes or jeans lately. Joel picked this out for me! I love it when he does that hehehe.


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