Bangkok Day 2

Saturday saw us exploring the Thong Lor neighbourhood the minute we alighted from our Grab and stepped foot in The Commons. Our day started late because we didn’t set an alarm the night before. We’re the sort of tourists who prefer to take it easy. OTOT (own time own target), yknow?

Joel woke me up at around 12pm because he knew I slept late the night before and that I was still tired. We’ve been together for almost 6 years and I still feel happy whenever I get to wake up to his cheeky, smiling face. Sometimes I wonder what could I have possibly done in my past life to deserve someone so amazing, albeit a little weird, in my life hahaha.

I know he reads my WordPress so hello Jo! I’m sucking up to you. Please love me more HAHAHA.

Roast was still as good as ever, in my opinion. And naturally, the first dishes I’d look for when I flip through cafe menus are pasta dishes because I. Love. Carbs. If you wanna make me happy, just buy me aglio olio, fried rice, or banmian. I’m easily satisfied like that hahaha.

The interior is just like any other cafe that’s going for the raw and minimal look. There were more foreigners there than locals but I think that’s partially due to how pricey it can get? But aiya, what do I know about Bangkok’s cafe culture?

Also, I swear Roast didn’t use to look like that. Neither did The Commons! Did they undergo a renovation or something?!

Joel got their salted caramel shake. This guy here is a sucker for milkshakes! I’ve never met a guy who liked milkshakes this much. So much so that I’m already planning to buy a hand blender in the future so I can make him milkshakes whenever he wants hahaha.

The salted caramel shake wasn’t as thick or as jelat as we thought it’d be so it complemented his burger really well. The balance of salty and sweet was great and it made me regret not ordering this!

Nothing to see here! Just a cup of coffee served in a mason jar. I can’t tell you if it’s any good because I’m no coffee connoisseur but I like it!

This is the Johnny’s Burger that Joel ordered which he didn’t like. According to my “food connoisseur” of a boyfriend who’s constantly on the hunt for the best burger he can get his hands on, this wasn’t great. The patty was well-cooked but the flavours of the sauce, carmelised onions, cheese, and what not were all too overwhelming.

He was schooling me on burgers and saying that the star of the show should always, always be the patty which wasn’t the case for this burger. Once he finished his patty, he started smiling and said, “Ooh! It’s so much better now without the patty. So good!”

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at his intense passion towards burgers 😂

My risotto on the other hand, was perfectly cooked and was neither overcooked or undercooked. But it was extremely flavourful, to the point that I had trouble finishing everything despite it being a plate of carbs. Everything from the risotto itself to the squid, to the mussels all kinda tasted the same about halfway through. The seafood was extremely fresh though, gotta give it to them!

We left The Commons almost immediately after we were done with our meal because Joel wanted to visit some record stores around the hour. We walked for a good half hour before we realised that the first one, Bungkum House, was nothing but concrete. We walked for another half an hour before getting to the other store and found out that it was closed.

Joel was so disappointed. So poor thing hahaha. But oh well, not fated lah.

My back started to hurt so Joel suggested that we pop by Seven Suns, a quaint little place that sells delicious tea made from scratch. I almost didn’t enter but I’m so glad I did because their tea is SO GOOD, it made up for the walking we did. It also helps that their lady boss looks a lot like Cecilia Chung (张柏芝) lah hahaha.

I wanted something light so I got their Black Rose & Lychee tea while Joel got the Peach don’t know what Dragon don’t know what tea (shitty blogger alert), even though they’re more known for their award-winning matcha lattes.

Joel only ordered his drink because the name had the word “dragon” in it 😑 I am dating a child…

Once we ordered, the lady boss popped out of the cafe for a bit and came back with freshly picked rose buds to decorate my tea with. Joel’s had a stick of cinnamon in it! It was easily the best tea I’ve had in my life and I swear I am not exaggerating.

Seven Suns
Park Lane
Sukhumvit 61, Wattana

Nearest BTS: Ekkamai

Open daily from 10am to 8pm

I know I look sleepy as fuck here and my arms look creepily long but I was probably secretly thinking about sneaking into their back garden to have a look hehehe. See those planters hanging from the wall? That’s part of their back garden!

Walked a bit more because Joel wanted to go to this boutique called Roseman Club to have a look. If it weren’t for the stunning decor, I would have said that the trip there was a waste of time because everything was ridiculously overpriced (think SGD$100-$200 for a wide-brimmed hat). The things they sell reminded me very strongly of the movie, Kingsman.

But I guess they HAVE to price their items that high because come on lah, they have a freaking fountain outside their store. It’s like I was magically transported to London or something.

I do really like the way they laid all their products out though. It’s like an organised mess.
Visual merchandising: A+

Roseman Club
68/2  Sukhumvit 31 Yaek 4 (Soi Sawatdi)
Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Nearest BTS: Phrom Phong

Open daily from 11am to 9pm

Afterwards, we went to the JJ Green Night Market. I was half hoping to buy more things there but I only left with a phone case for my new old iPhone 7+ that my mother used to use.

Case in point (pun completely intended).

And yes, I’m doing a mask right now. Gotta make ample use of time yknow?

Halfway through searching the entire night market for a certain stall that apparently sells amazing tomyum noodles, we gave up because we were too hungry and settled for this in the end.

Didn’t even bother remembering anything about this bowl of tomyum noodles because it was so bad. Nissin tomyum cup noodles are even better than this. Really.

Joel and I rushed through our meal because the entire JJ Green Night Market was covered with flies! COVERED. It was like they were all having some huge scale fly version of ZoukOut and humans decided to set up a night market there and intruded on them.

Flies flew into both of my eyes on two separate occasions despite the fact that I was swatting them away with my hands like I was trying to fly. Joel didn’t even dare to talk because he was afraid that they’d fly into his mouth HAHAHA.

At least he managed to walk away with this! A vintage radio cum cassette player that was restored and in nearly pristine condition! The sound quality was great and the store owner threw in a free cassette tape for Joel, partially because this beauty earned the guy 2200 THB (SGD$93).

I really do think that it was worth it though! It’s not easy trying to find something like this in such amazing condition and at less than $100 too!

If anybody’s interested, the store is located in Zone J of JJ Green Night Market. The owner’s a bald guy with a goatee and moustache 😂


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