Bangkok Day 3: Part 2

Guess where Joel brought me after my mini shopping spree at Matchbox and Eve&Boy?

The museum. He took me to the MUSEUM! šŸ˜‘šŸ˜’

Technically, it is called the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre, not a museum but for convenience, I’m gonna refer to it as a museum. So yeah, I typically really enjoy visiting museums but I don’t think I’ve ever heard of people, Singaporeans in particular, going to the museum while they’re in Bangkok on a quick weekend trip.

It’s connected to Siam Paragon so if you’re interested, that should make locating it quite easy.

The place was littered with murals and artworks of their late king. It was rather heartwarming to see that the Thais loved and adored him so much. He must have been a great man.

This floor was filled with gift shops, independent lifestyle stores, fashion stores, and even a gelato shop! We didn’t get gelato though, despite the fact that I really, really, really needed to sit down, thanks to my bad back, because we were saving our stomachs for something else.

The next floor was filled with works from up-and-coming Thai artists and truth be told, it was terribly curated and the space wasn’t effectively utilised. This neon light piece was one of the better works.

I secretly wanted to leave because I thought that the higher floors also housed works of such calibre. Joel, who trained in fine arts, also said that the works were disappointing.

At least there was a rather interesting live painting space going on. This artist was creating works in person to fill up her space and at the same time, this entire live painting process was also a form of performance art.

Me: Quite interesting ah?
Joel: Okay lah. She’s wasting a lot of paint.

šŸ˜’ Of all people, I’d thought that he’d be the one who’d be able to appreciate this the most. Cheh!

The higher floors had much better works but because they are all very conceptual and contemporary, all I could do was just stand there and TRY TO appreciate the beauty of the works.

Sorry, but ꈑēœŸēš„ēœ‹äøę‡‚! Also, we were the only people there who were in slippers hahahaha. Really äø¢ę–°åŠ å”ēš„č„ø!

But this last one was interesting! The screen changes and warps while the speakers played a Thai monologue. The spot where Joel is standing is the prime location hahaha. Slowly, all you’d be able to hear is the monologue and all you’d be able to see is the changing image on the screen.

I was actually a little mindfucked hahaha.

We window shopped a little more and chanced upon this cramped little store outside Siam Square One called Peylaa (yes, two A’s). It is apparently a homegrown lifestyle brand that sells plenty of homeware, like reed diffusers, scent bags, candles, and other knick knacks like tote bags, hand creams, and scarves.

Photo from Peylaa’s Instagram.

They can be found at Siam Square Soi 11 and Chatuchak Market. More information can be found on their Instagram/Facebook page.

I got one of their many reed diffusers in the scent Baby Cloud. The 100ml one is supposed to last for about 2-3 days while their smaller ones will last for a month.

So far, I really like it! It has this light, clean, and powdery smell that I like but which Joel said smells like a hospital šŸ˜’ čæ™å®¶ä¼™äøč¢«éŖ‚äøč”Œ!

It was a bit overwhelming at first for my very small room but it dissipated within 4 days and it was okay after that. This might just be one of my best buys from this trip!

After that my towkay wanted to eat his Shibuya Honey Toast at After You so okay lor… off we went! He’s been craving it since February or March when we first brought this trip up hahaha.

We went at some odd timing, like 5pm or so, so there weren’t a lot of people there and we only had to wait for about 5-10 minutes before we got a table.

Got this Thai Milk Tea Kakigori thingamajic which was essentially just shaved ice with powdered Thai milk tea, frothy cream, and cut almonds.


I felt very cheated because all the food blogs I read were praising this to no end, like it was God’s greatest gift to mankind. Pui. Waste my stomach space.

But at least somebody had a good time and left satisfied!

Dinner at Somboon happened shortly after and wow, I have no words for the food here, particularly this outlet at Siam Square One.

In short, it was fucking bad. Any tzechar stall in Singapore that sells chilli crab can easily top what Somboon served us.

The waiters and waitresses also looked like they were forced to be there. No amount of smiling at them or joking with them cheered them up. Believe me, we tried.

We got their signature curry crab and opted to have it deshelled but I really think that it should have been named “moderately fresh crab drowned in oily orange gravy” instead šŸ˜’

This put me in such a bad mood. I can’t… I don’t want to talk about it anymore lol.

If I had to pick the best dish out of everything that we ordered at Somboon that night, it would have been this but even then, it still sucked. I might as well have been chewing on raw and uncooked vegetables dipped in gravy. Tsk!

Everything else was just terrible so there’s really no point in me continuing talking about Somboon hahaha.

Ending off this post with a happy photo of us despite what we endured at Somboon!

If you can’t already tell, we were really looking forward to going home cos really lah, no matter how much I love a country and its food, I can safely say that nothing beats home and Singapore food!


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