My Week In Outfits

I was just looking through my closet the other day and I realised that lately, I haven’t really bothered with dressing up to work which then means that a lot of the clothes in my (very full) wardrobe end up unloved since I spend 5 days out of the week in the office.

So I figured, why not dress a little better to work and try wearing some of the stuff I don’t usually touch and try to think of new ways to style these pieces at the same time? Win-win!

This idea only came to me on Tuesday. Hence, the missing Monday outfit and I’m really not that hardworking to purposely dig out what I wore on Monday, put them on, and snap a photo of myself in it. I’m the laziest person I know.


Top: Taobao
Shorts: Taobao

Lips: Colourpop Lux Lip in Lay Over

Lay Over is fast becoming my new go-to lipstick. I keep it in my little fish-shaped drawstring pouch I got from Daiso and I realised that it’s what I reach for the most recently.

And I’ve been really loving tops with such contrast piping details lately. They remind me so much of those silk pyjama tops that rich people in Taiwanese dramas tend to wear 😂

I’m not rich but at least, I can pretend to be hahaha.


Top: Uniqlo
Culottes: Runway Bandits

Necklace: The Ordinary Co.

I don’t recommend getting anything from this company because the quality is absymal. Yes, it is a homegrown label and I really want to support local but god, the quality… This particular necklace snapped the first time I put it on and I didn’t even do anything to it.

The other earrings I ordered were either tarnished or rusty. The only items I could salvage were this necklace and another one. Everything else was just disappointing. And I was so excited to receive my items too!

Although these culottes look thin, they are not. There’s a silk-like polyester lining underneath the pleated chiffon layer and my god, it was a terrible choice for hot weather.

Shoes: Novesta

I ended up tying my culottes up like this after I got back to the office from lunch. Is this the price I have to pay for starting on this mini challenge?


Top: Runway Bandits
Culottes: I don’t fucking remember but I wear it all the time

Naturally, I paired this outfit with my Novesta sneakers. I love them to death and I’m already planning to get a second pair once the soles of this first pair wear out.

Earrings: Taobao
Necklace: Swarovski

I’m not actually wearing any lipstick here even though there’s this whole Korean style lip ombre thing going on. It is the magic of a mobile app I use and I love called Pitu. I’ll share more about it soon!


Top: Aland in Seoul
Skorts: Vintage
Vest: Taobao

I’m the sort of person who likes trying out different mascaras and apart from brow pencil, mascara is the other beauty product that I can’t live without.

Here, I’m using the Maybelline Rocket mascara which used to be the mascara I’d opt for when I’ve run out of it and when no other mascaras has caught my eye but now, I don’t think I’ll go back to it anymore.

I suspect they changed the formula because man, this shit flakes off like no other! Usually my mascaras last the entire day but this is always almost all gone the minute I get home.

It doesn’t provide me with much extra length or volume either so honestly, all I’m doing now is to try to use it up so I can get my $19.90 worth.

If anyone has any affordabl drugstore mascaras to recommend, please let this mascara junkie know!


Bangkok Day 3: Part 1

Sunday – our last full day in Bangkok and we were very determined to fully utilise the day but ahem, I woke up at around 12ish again so we ended up having a late lunch for the second day in a row.

I requested that we eat at White Flower Factory, a restaurant in Siam Square One that specialises in Thai fusion cuisine. I was blown away by how amazing the food was when I went there a few years ago and since then, I’ve made a mental note to visit it again.

Typical rustic interior but with fresh white flowers scattered all around the restaurant.

We only got there at around 2ish so we didn’t have to wait for a table at all. The place was filled with mostly locals and I think we might have been the only Singaporeans there?

We both got their Thai Iced Milk Tea because we haven’t had any so far – can you believe it? Three days in Bangkok and we haven’t had a sip of the country’s signature drink. Smh.

It was good though but a bit too little for thirsty me.

Wheeee! My favourite! Their signature Tom Yum Soup with Chinese Herbs. You can pick what sort of meat you want in the soup, chicken, beef, or pork. We picked pork and kinda regretted it because it was all tendon and cartilage, and there was very little meat.

Sadly, it wasn’t as great as it used to be. I remember it being very spicy and how the taste of Chinese herbs went surprisingly well with the slight tangy flavour of the soup.

This time, it was more sour than spicy. The taste of tomatoes was quite strong and I could barely taste the Chinese herbs which I thought was a unique addition to your typical tomyum soup and the whole reason why I even ordered it in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, it was still good! Just not as good as it was before. Joel thought the same and I asked him if he’d think that the soup was good if this was his first time trying anything from this restaurant. He said yes and I agree!

Also, our first time having Basil Chicken Rice after spending 2 days in Bangkok. I know we’re damn noob.

I didn’t have very high expectations for this dish because of how disappointed the soup got me but this was really good!

Flavourful, and the basil complemented the salty gravy so, so well! It was hella spicy though so those of you who don’t take spicy food, please take note.

Joel also got the same thing and evidently, he was very pleased with the quality of his food. Somemore so excited about lunch until he forgot to put his bag down hahahaha.

White Flower Factory
Siam Square One, 4th floor

Nearest BTS: Siam

Open daily from 11am to 10pm

And the shopping begins! I feel like I really do have a substantial amount of self-control for only going mad shopping on the last full day that we have.

Poor Joel, he had to follow me everywhere I went and help me carry my shopping bags. It didn’t help that he looked very bored, especially when I was buying makeup hahaha.

I even made a very long list of things I wanna buy from Eve&Boy and sent it to Joel before we flew to Bangkok with the caption “good luck”, to which he replied, “Oh no!” 😂

Photo from Google.

This pink store caught my eye as Joel and I were strolling along the little streets and alleys next to Siam Square One. It turned out to be a multi-label fashion store and it was filled with locals – the girls were shopping inside while their boyfriends were seated outside the store, waiting for them.

I got this simple pleated dress which was about SGD$24. I know it’s not cheap by Bangkok’s standards but I’m the sort of person who prefers to buy decent/good quality clothes than cheap ones that don’t last.

The fabric of this dress is very soft, smooth, and drapey which I really like. Initially, I didn’t like how it was so thin but then I realised that it was perfect for Bangkok/Singapore weather. I’ve since worn it out and got some compliments so yes, $24 well-spent hahaha.

422/11, Siam Square Soi 8

Nearest BTS: Siam

Open daily from 12pm to 9pm

After I bought it, Joel kept saying “so now you into pleats ah? Pleats please ah?” 🙄 he says that everytime I buy something pleated and he’ll start giggling to himself afterwards because of Issey Miyake’s pleats line called Pleats Please and he’s very amused by how punny it is.

Makes me wanna smash his face in and turn it into pleats instead.

Later, I dragged Joel to Eve&Boy (the Thai version of Sephora) at Siam Square One and I gave him multiple missions: Find Soap&Glory, Mad Hippie, Alteya Organics, Mamonde, CosRX. He has such a keen eye and managed to find me everything but Soap&Glory which was oddly, only available in Boots even though my research said otherwise.

In the end, I managed to snag the Soap&Glory Glow All Out highlighter, Babyish Hyaluron Moisturising Mask, Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning lip balm, Alteya Organics Bulgarian Rose Water toner, and the Srichand Transclucent Powder.

All these, except for the Burt’s Bees lip balm, were all items that got pretty good reviews online so I decided to get them to try it out. I’ll definitely share more soon once I’ve gotten around to using them! Can’t wait hehehe!

This post is getting a little too long-winded so I’m gonna split it up into two parts!

CNY 2018: A Summary

I’ve been meaning to write about how my Chinese New Year went this year but it’s been so hectic lately that I felt the need to recharge by staying away from social media and messaging apps for a bit. I’m lucky that my office only opens today on the 22nd so I get an extra 2-3 days of rest compared to others.

Chinese New Year Eve

Spent my first few waking hours at work because the office was open for half day then rushed off to my paternal grandmother’s place for reunion lunch. Yingxin was saying that my reunion dinner is kinda weird because it’s so early in the day hahaha.


The Reason For Being So Quiet

As much as I adore WordPress, I must admit that nothing will be able to replace the spot that Dayre has in my heart. I love WordPress for its clean, minimalist look, as well as its endless customisation features, but these same reasons are also what’s stopping me from wanting to write about more pointless things, like what I had for lunch, my shitty OOTDs photos (read: dark and grainy mirror selfies) etc.

But I’ll try.


Another Pointless Update

Today I decided to try using the Glossier Cloud Paint on my lips and cheeks because I’m sick of how my blush colour doesn’t match my lip colour in terms of undertones 😂

So far so good! It’s not extremely drying on my lips, unlike Benefit’s Benetint which just made my lips look like they were cracked and bleeding. I also like how the plum colour is more obvious on my lips than my cheeks hehehe.

I guess this is my #fotd?

In other news…

I’m so glad that I got myself the Odelia Dress in Fjord Blue from #runwaybandits before it got sold out because size S is already out of stock both online and I think at the store.

I’m not usually a fan of gathered hems like this but for some reason, I just really like it?

It was featured in the store on the moodboard since end October and a lot of people have been eyeing it and asking about it so I kinda already knew that it was gonna be extremely popular.

Surprisingly, the guava pink colour is also very popular. I didn’t think Singaporeans would be interested in a colour so bright lol.

Made full use of the mirror in the office hahaha. My first thought when I saw myself in the mirror was, “Sian, it doesn’t have the same effect on me compared to the model” hahahaha. But aiya, gotta make do with what I have and what I’m born with 🤷🏻‍♀️

So fluttery!

The colour isn’t actually like this. It’s more similar to the catalogue photos. It’s such a unique shade of blue-grey.


Got my craving satisfied at @xsonder’s expense because she doesn’t like the soya sauce from Hawker Chan. I didn’t like it at first either but it kinda grew on me after the second time I had it.

I can see why it’s popular but I don’t understand why it was awarded a Michelin Star 🤷🏻‍♀️

Update on using the Glossier Cloud Paint as a lip tint!

Eh, the longevity was pretty decent. It faded a little after lunch but that was to be expected since I had a plate of oily soya sauce chicken rice. I didn’t even reapply the entire day because I didn’t bring it out but it’s really not bad! It got a little drying after a while though.


What a dumb hashtag but hey! Since tomorrow marks the start of a new month, I’ll start on my mission to use up the lipsticks from my collection. I have WAY too many lipsticks and I almost never wear them. It’s better to start using them before they get too old and I’m forced to throw them away.

Let’s hope that I’ll actually see through it and not give up within the week 😅

I know it sounds very ironic considering that I’ve just made up my mind to use up my current lipsticks but Colourpop’s dropping a new range of lipsticks and I find myself unable to resist the urge to buy them.

They’re beautiful, with regards to both the shades and the packaging. Not to mention, the packaging is hella shiny and me being the magpie that I am, obviously can’t stop fawning over it.

How can anyone look at this and tell me that it’s not pretty? I’m not even a huge fan of anything star printed but this photo made me go “ooooh” even though my face was still like 😒 as per usual.

Uno Mas caught my eye!

Lay Over and La Lady also look great! It’s clear that soft terracotta and orangey red shades are my weaknesses.

Still Crazy is not too bad as well but contrary to its name, I’m still not crazy over it. #weakpun

I also love dark wine shades like 27 but because they’re so dramatic, I’m never able to find an occasion to wear them and I have A LOT of such shades which are mostly gifts from Joel’s friends.

Once, I wore something like 27 out to Joel’s place for dinner (yeah, I admit that it was the wrong choice of lipstick) and all Joel’s mum could say to me when she saw it was, “Wow, so dark? Is it black? You so daring ah, you?” 😑

I think I might just pass on 27.


Still can’t make up my mind and it’s launching real soon! How?!?!

A Good Start

Good morning world! I’m feeling chipper today because I slept somewhat early last night at 12:30am and I feel pretty rejuvenated.

Even my mother was appalled at how I managed to wake up so early. The first thing she asked me was, “你今天有photoshoot啊?” Because I only ever wake up this early for work when we’ve got photoshoots 😂

Let’s hope this sleeping (relatively) early habit really kicks in so I can stop behaving and looking like a someone who just crawled out of a graveyard every morning.

On other more superficial news, I finally used the Colourpop Yes Please eyeshadow palette that my colleagues gave me for my birthday in November last year! I finally can stop hearing Swee nag at me saying that I shouldn’t buy anymore eyeshadow palettes because I never ever use them hahaha 😌

In my defense, I DO use my eyeshadow palette. It’s just that I’m always in a rush/running late so I have less time to do a full face makeup, complete with eyeshadow and eyeliner. Weak argument but yeah haha.

And yes, I’m very aware that my fingers look creepy af in this photo but what to do? Born this way 有没有? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Perfection in the form of a warm-toned eyeshadow palette.

You know how sometimes you open a palette and think to yourself that you’d probably only use a handful of colours and the other less wearable will be left untouched and unloved? I personally would use every colour in this palette – except maybe the yellow. I’m not sure how I’m suppose to incorporate yellow into my eye makeup. Research required lol.

I think it has a good balance of matte and shimmer eyeshadows. Not to mention that the warm colour palette is also very on trend. Actually it has been for so long, I don’t even know if it’s still trendy anymore hahaha.

I’m clearly not cut out to be a beauty blogger reviewer 😂

#dayrebeauty #colourpop

The eyeshadow I’m using here is Champs, the third eyeshadow on the first row of the Yes Please palette which is super buttery and pigmented. I wasn’t expecting it to be this pigmented so I got a shock when I applied it on my lids lol.

I think I went a little overboard with the Glossier Cloud Paint (no thanks to the shitty lighting in my room) but otherwise, all’s good for a look that I hastily put together this morning 👍🏻

Put in the effort to dress a little nicer to work today because I was getting a little sick of my pyjamas-like outfits consisting of my jeans and my oversized Everlane hoodie that I’ve been wearing to death. At least my efforts to dress up were recognise today when Swee said that I looked like I was going to somewhere nice for dinner :’)

Fun fact: My mother made this skirt for herself when she was younger. Now that it no longer fits her, it’s mine!