People Watching + My Favourite Tom Yum Fish Soup

Had to take half day off and make a special trip down to ICA this morning to get my passport renewed because I’ll be headed off to Bangkok this Friday. My bad memory and bad habit of procrastinating has finally come to bite me in the ass.

In a feeble attempt to do a social media detox, I started people watching (something I’ve always really enjoyed but for some reason, stopped doing) while I was waiting for my queue number to be called. There were so many people and everybody seemed to be there for different purposes. Some were there to register their newborn’s birth, some were there to register deaths, and others, like me, were there to renew their passports. It was as though life officially starts, continues, and ends in this building and that made me feel a little uneasy. For a moment there, I thought to myself: whether or not you’re alive is determined by a single piece of paper.

Naturally, I brushed that thought away. Too philosophical and deep (bordering on disturbing) for 9:30 in the morning.



Salt Baked Crab @ Ga-Hock Seafood

25th February – my dad’s last full day back in Singapore until he returns again in October and also my younger brother’s birthday.

My dad suggested that we eat out and even though it’s not his birthday, he requested that we have curry fish head because he hasn’t had it yet ever since he came back. Since he’s flying back to China tomorrow, we all complied, even my brother who didn’t feel like going out.

I asked Joel (who also came along) if he knew of any good tzechar place that sold curry fish head and he suggested Ga-Hock Seafood so off we went!


Heads Up

Thanks to Gillian and the mystery coder who created, I’ve successfully exported all my Dayre posts over to my WordPress but because I didn’t want to spam all of you with endless email notifications, I opted to publish them as private posts. I’m assuming that because they are private, nobody received email notifications?

If you still received email notifications, I’m sorry! But please turn off your WordPress email notifications because I’ll be slowly making all my posts public in the next couple of days. Not sure how long it’d take but compared to many others, the amount of posts I have can be considered little.

I hope I’ve followed every Dayrean I follow on my account on WordPress as well but friends, if I’ve missed you out, please let me know! Though I think nobody will because the only friends I have on here are my colleagues hahaha.

Till the next update! 👋🏻

CNY 2018: A Summary

I’ve been meaning to write about how my Chinese New Year went this year but it’s been so hectic lately that I felt the need to recharge by staying away from social media and messaging apps for a bit. I’m lucky that my office only opens today on the 22nd so I get an extra 2-3 days of rest compared to others.

Chinese New Year Eve

Spent my first few waking hours at work because the office was open for half day then rushed off to my paternal grandmother’s place for reunion lunch. Yingxin was saying that my reunion dinner is kinda weird because it’s so early in the day hahaha.


On Valentine’s Day

I’ve never been a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, both when I was single and now when I’m happily attached to Joel – at the hip, no less. I’m one of those people who thinks that Valentine’s is a highly commercialised day and I have no intention of succumbing to the marketing ploys of florists and restaurateurs.

Have I also mentioned how much I hate chocolates and flowers? Chocolates because… I hate the taste. No further explanation needed. I just don’t like them. Flowers because I think they’re useless. Sure, they are pretty to look at but once the novelty and happiness of receiving them wears off after the first hour or so, I’d likely start asking myself, “So, what the fuck am I supposed to do with them?”


The Reason For Being So Quiet

As much as I adore WordPress, I must admit that nothing will be able to replace the spot that Dayre has in my heart. I love WordPress for its clean, minimalist look, as well as its endless customisation features, but these same reasons are also what’s stopping me from wanting to write about more pointless things, like what I had for lunch, my shitty OOTDs photos (read: dark and grainy mirror selfies) etc.

But I’ll try.