Advanced Kidney Failure

For those of you who don’t know, I own 2 Beagles, a mother-son (yes, they’re related) duo called Elsie and Harry. Both of them are hella mischievous but I love them with all my heart.

This is Elsie, my bug-eyed sweetheart and also my very first dog.

Since Chinese New Year rolled around, Elsie became very picky and would only eat wet food, like the kind pet shops sell in cans and aluminium trays, and she was also slightly lethargic but we figured that it was just her bring her usual lazy self.

We recently brought her to the vet because we suspected that she could have a toothache or a problem with her gums. After some checks and a blood test, our very dedicated vet told us that Elsie has advanced kidney failure so she’s been hospitalised and put on a drip since Sunday.

Visited her at the vet the second day she was there. Still a cutie!

Part of me feels incredibly guilty for not bringing her to the vet sooner but another part of me is just glad that she’s receiving the treatment and care she needs. At the same time, I’m worried that she won’t respond well to treatment and will leave me prematurely. We’ve only been together for 3 years and that’s definitely not enough.

Thanks to these wild, wild thoughts, I cried myself to sleep on the first night she was in the hospital and my anxiety pretty much sky rocketed 💔

Elsie’s a trooper but the thought of her having to go through all these just breaks my heart.

Harry, on the other hand, isn’t as cheerful or as energetic as he used to be and we suspect that it’s because he misses Elsie. He’s never been away from his mother (not that he realises that they’re related) for longer than a day and that was when Elsie went to get sterilised.

After I got back from the vet and my MRI (that’s a story for another day) on Monday, Harry kept chasing me around the house. He wanted to stick his little nose in my clothes because they smelled very strongly of Elsie.

He’s been whining a lot lately too. Probably because Elsie isn’t around to accompany him 24/7. Poor boy.

I’ve decided to do everything in my power to treat Elsie. Anything goes as long as she gets better but clearly, my mother and I don’t share the same sentiments.

Mother: 如果没有钱就没办法救Elsie咯!

I snapped because I’ve made my stance clear to her multiple times but for some reason, she still feels the need to tell me such things. And it’s odd because I’m sure that she loves and cares for Elsie the same way as I do so why are you saying this?!

Evidently, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now and I’m trying my hardest to compartmentalise but damn, this woman seems hell bent on NOT giving me the break I need.


Today Will Be A Good Day

Hello world! I’m very determined to enjoy my weekend and have a positive and happy day today despite the challenging past couple of days. Nothing can bring me down and I won’t allow anything to ruin my weekend.

My mood swings are so extreme hahaha. PMS is very real.

I woke up to this fella’s whining because nobody wanted to play with him, not even his own (dog) mother. This is his face whenever he’s waiting for me to throw the ball and he really doesn’t care if you want to play or not. He will just stare at you silently and creepily until you throw the ball.

Sometimes I like to hide his ball and ask him “where’s your ball?” He will end up sniffing every inch of my body, trying to hunt down the ball.


A Brief Introduction on Elsie and Harry

Sometimes I look at my dogs and think to myself, “what did I do in my past life to deserve you guys?” Without them, my mental and emotional health will likely be even worse than they are now which says a lot considering the state they’re currently in.

Yeah, sure. My dogs can be a huge pain in my ass sometimes because of how naughty they are but the happiness they’ve brought to my life since I’ve had them is greater compared to the agony they cause me. Imo, it’s a very good trade off hahaha.

What Elsie and Harry have been up to of late:As usual, they’ve been lazing around at home a lot. I’m kinda ashamed to say that nobody has time to bring them down for walks due to everything that’s been going on at home in recent weeks. Sometimes I feel like I’m not giving them the care they deserve but I also know that I’m doing my best to make them happy.

This is Harry, son of Elsie, my other dog. I don’t mean that he’s her son in name only. They really are related but that’s a story for another day 🤷🏻‍♀️

Elsie has since been sterilised because the world doesn’t need more puppies, no matter how crazy adorable they are, because there are a lot of stray dogs out there who also deserve to be loved and cared for regardless of their breed ❤️

Elsie is on the left and Harry is on the right. Elsie clearly isn’t having any of what Harry’s doing to her.

Harry has this habit of licking his mum’s eyes but we always try to stop him from doing that because beagles’ eyes can be very sensitive and can get very red at times.

On the other hand, Elsie enjoys licking Harry’s ears in a bid to clean them but what she doesn’t know is that because of all the saliva she deposits in his ears, Harry always ends up getting ear infectionsBecause it’s been so cold lately, Elsie, who has always preferred warmer places, has been burying herself in this comforter/blanket/cushion thing my mother gave her.

My mother took it from her to get it washed so Elsie’s been sleeping on a rather thin floor mat lately so she was obviously super happy to get it back.

Case in point hahaha.

I don’t understand her sometimes. She sometimes treats her tennis ball as her teddy bear, refusing to let anyone else have it but other times, when I snatch it from her, she doesn’t even bother to look at me 🤷🏻‍♀️

This dog is so fickle… and lazy hahaha.

Harry has also been sleeping on the floral floor mat recently. Just the other day, he decided that he wanted to sleep on the bed in my mother’s room so he brought his very dirty floor mat up onto my mother’s bed.

It’s like he’s saying “my bed is on your bed so I’m sleeping here tonight!”

It was so so so cute, we kept laughing at him and his face just remained this confused the entire time 😂

Whenever I tried to get near him, he’d stuff his floor mat into his mouth then run off. He’ll keep looking back to see if I’m chasing after him.

Not sure if he wanted me to chase him for fun or that he was trying to protect his beloved floor mat from me hahaha.

I kept chasing him till the living room then ran back to my mother’s room while his back was turned. Then he’d have no choice but to run back to my mother’s room to find me hahaha.

Aiyo, my heart.

The way they run towards the front door the minute they heard the sound of keys is SO CUTE. It really warms my heart ❤️I told them that I was going to the doctor’s because I was coming down with a flu. They just waited for me near the front door the entire time I was away at the clinic :’)

Animals are so loyal. I can never understand when people would tell me they dislike/hate/can’t stand animals.

So many things to do, so many places to go today. All I want to do is stay under my blanket, snuggled with Elsie and Harry.

It’s not helping that my phone battery is already at 13% and I left my cable in the office so I can’t charge it despite having the charger with me 😭

Treated myself to sweet potato fries from Shihlin because all I’ve been eating lately are cup noodles since I don’t have much of an appetite for anything else.

I tried so hard to take this photo because my camera lens kept fogging up from the heat 😂 this was the best I could do but the photo still looks terrible.I’m trying my best to function at 100% even though I’m probably only at 70% because of my flu. And I’m on a hell of a lot of medication because my tonsils are infected and swollen.

The amount of drugs currently in my system…. smh 🤦🏻‍♀️

My mother sent me a few photos of Harry because she knows I’ll miss them. I’m clearly an overly attached owner.

I swear he sometimes still looks like a puppy even though he’s already 2 years old going on 3. He will always be my little darling lah, I think.This girl is grumpy af. My mother cut up some red velcro in the shape of a butterfly and attached it to her collar. Elsie has never enjoyed getting dressed up, that’s why she looks so annoyed in this photo hahahaha.

So cute though. I wanna squish her face!

Jay Chou Concert 2018

It bothers me a lot that the colour of my brows doesn’t match the colour of my hair. The photo filter only made it that much more obvious, sigh.

I even tried filling my brows in with this black eyeshadow from my Stila palette with a light hand. Guess who ended up look like the female version of Crayon Shin-chan? 😂

My poor darling Harry hurt his paw! 😭

He’s been limping since morning and we have no idea why. It just breaks my heart to see my crazy active dog limping like this.

We suspect that he sprained or bruised his paw because nothing’s swollen and he only seems to hurt when he puts pressure on it? So we’re gonna keep him under observation for a couple of days and hope that he gets better 💔

Even though he’s hurt, he still looks so cute. My mother was holding his paw up like he was some kind of queen or princess 😂

His face is like “what’s going on?” Probably wondering why everybody’s fawning over him this much.

Elsie, on the other hand, has been neglected because everybody’s attention is on Harry and his pawpaw. Before I took this photo, Elsie came to me and asked for pats and sayang but I told her to move away because I was examining Harry’s paw.

I’m sorry, darling. It’s not that I no longer love you hahaha. I still do. Don’t be angry!

It’s finally time for the Jay Chou concert! 💕

We’ve been waiting for this day to come for months, ever since we rushed to buy the tickets online while we were all seated in our respective offices on a weekday. I still can’t believe that it’s already 2018!

Can you feel our excitement? Hehehe.

You’d think that we all got amazing seats or something from the expressions on our faces but we were actually super far away hahahhaha!

Jay Chou was nothing but a tiny little dot and I even had my contacts on which I only put on on special occasions. Ahem, like to see Jay Chou while seated perhaps 1km away hahaha. It was hard to spot him even though pretty much every outfit he had on was either sparkly or reflective 😂

We wanted to get Cat 5 seats but it was sold out even though one of us has an OCBC card and had priority so in the end, we had to settle for Cat 6 because if we got tickets from all the other categories, there was a chance that we’d be drenched in the event of a storm.

Clearly, we weren’t able to predict how much we actually enjoyed the concert. Some of us already agreed to get more expensive tickets for our next concert. It is really TOO far away.

This Peiyi a bit gross with her mushy ass caption, 有没有? I wanna laugh and puke at the same time hahahaha.

After I reposted her Instagram Story, she sent me a message saying “只要爱还在,距离不是问题” which sounded a lot like something you’d tell yourself if your husband cheated on you while he was overseas hahaha 😂

The minute the lights went off, all the fans started screaming for Jay Chou and waving their free foam glow sticks.

In the 2.5 hours that I was seated there, I got hit in the head by one such foam glow stick about 5-6 times. All thanks to the overly excited Jay Chou fan who was seated behind me. I even tried hunching forward but she still managed to hit the top of my head with her damn foam stick 😒

That goes to show how excited she was for Jay Chou, I guess?

I don’t have photos or videos of the event because my phone camera kinda sucks and the camera function tends to hang on me multiple times a day. Also, I’m the sort who prefers to focus 100% on the concert and enjoy it instead of filming everything down so I can rewatch the videos at home.

Jay Chou mostly sang songs from his newest album, like 床边故事, 美人鱼, 英雄, and Now You See Me. Of course, he did sing some of his classics but there were just too many of it to finish singing in 2.5 hours hahaha.

My favourite part of the entire concert is when Jay Chou would pick some lucky fans from the audience and asked them what songs they’d like to hear. One of the members from his fan club even got him a cake and requested for Jay Chou to sing a birthday song for himself because Jay Chou’s birthday is on 18th January (ya, we checked cos we were confused by what was going on).

So sweet! 😍 Could tell that Jay Chou was very touched because he just stood there speechless for a bit :’)

Hannah Quinlivan was there too! Everybody only noticed when the film crew deliberately pointed the camera at her and Jay Chou casually mentioned that she was here.

She is crazy gorgeous! Can you believe that she’s a year younger than me and is already a mother of two?! Some people are just really, really blessed in every aspect hahaha.

Rushed off to the new HDL outlet at Plaza Sing in hopes we’d make our reservation on time because we haven’t had dinner (I also skipped lunch).

Having HDL with the 麻辣 and tomato soups really is the best way to end the night! Actually it is a good way to end any sort of night! 😊

I’m Still Alive

It’s the last working day of 2017 so I decided to dress up just a little, little bit hahaha. And also because I haven’t worn this pair of culottes in a long time so I’m taking it out to see the world LOL.

Top: Uniqlo
Pants: Runway Bandits Soleil Culottes in blush
Shoes: Novesta Star Master in white

Harry is sulking because my mother refused to play with him this morning 😂

Even though he’s already 2 years old, he still behaves pretty much like a puppy. Always misbehaving, sneaking into places he’s banned from, peeing under the fridge and speakers (not sure how he does it), and barking at other people and animals. But despite all that, I realised that I can never stay angry at him for long. He’s just TOO cute!

He’s hugging my baby bolster that my mother decided to use as a prop for her impromptu photoshoot with the dogs at home hahaha.

Please always stay this way, you smelly naughty thing! ❤️